Swansea High Street

It’s been on my mind for a few years to create an Flâneur on Swansea’s High street. I wanted to record the amazing architecture that is only just hanging-on and to photo-document the rapid change to the shop fronts as the sad, neglected heritage buildings are torn down to build something new and transient. (fig.#1) My friend Sarah-Jane was holding her MA exhibition at 211 High Street, so it seemed appropriate to combine a visit to her show with myRead more

Tenby Flâneur

Tenby Flâneur Following my venture into photographic Flâneur, I decided to take a train trip to the Pembrokeshire seaside town of Tenby to continue my new adventure. I had decided to get the train from my home in Burry Port to Tenby as I’m familiar with the amazing coast-line route when travelling to Uni in Carmarthen and I was keen to experience the onward journey to Tenby, I also thought I’d enjoy a nice quiet, peaceful train ride avoiding theRead more

Narberth Flâneur

Narberth Flâneur I arranged to conduct my inaugural Flâneur in Narberth, Pembrokeshire by contacting the Mayor, Elizabeth Rogers to gain her support for my project. The term Flâneur describes a ‘stroller’ of 19th century France, an ‘urban explorer’ or ‘connoisseur of the street’; applied to a photographer it’s similar to a street photographer who has no particular purpose or objective and spends several hours exploring and recording the sights and events of a town or city. I spent five enjoyableRead more