Tenby Flâneur

Tenby Flâneur

Following my venture into photographic Flâneur, I decided to take a train trip to the Pembrokeshire seaside town of Tenby to continue my new adventure.

I had decided to get the train from my home in Burry Port to Tenby as I’m familiar with the amazing coast-line route when travelling to Uni in Carmarthen and I was keen to experience the onward journey to Tenby, I also thought I’d enjoy a nice quiet, peaceful train ride avoiding the road trip. But was I in for a shock? The two railway carriages were totally overwhelmed by the sheer number of passengers. I managed to get a seat, but there were passengers and screaming kids crammed into every passageway and doorway. Not a good start to my ‘relaxing day’. Considering the number of tourists the train delivers unto Tenby the railway station was an embarrassment. Peeling paint, no passenger toilets and what appeared to be used toilet tissue scattered on the rail track adjacent to the station. Not knowing where I was going I just followed, or was taken-along-by, the swarming masses leaving the station bound for the town centre.

Wandering around the town I came upon Upper Frog Street and the shops and studios in Brychan Yard, which I was told was initially an all-cobbled stable yard. It’s a wonderful tranquil space with bunting and flowers away from the incredibly busy, commercial and noisy town centre. Within this lovely space there are several little creative spaces selling vintage clothing and the Opal Stained Glass Studios, here I met Pat who is an artist who specialises in oils. We engaged in some lively banter about art and creativity. Further along Upper Frog Street I strolled into another charming Yard where I met Luca who had recently opened-up the SandBar were they sell ‘craft beers and street food’. Here there is a group of enthusiastic young guys working tirelessly to bring their ‘art’ of beer making to Tenby and Pembrokeshire.

Tenby offered-up many opportunities for street photography but I fail to see how the town council could possibly think it’s right to put a ‘public toilets’ sign on a 18th Century town wall? That’s just vandalism!

Tenby is a very popular town with a plethora of street cafes and restaurants but it’s far too busy for me and I plan to re-visit the town in the winter months when the crowds have gone and the residents can reclaim their town and perhaps then I can capture the true essence of the town and townsfolk.

I’m enjoying my venture into photo-Flâneur and I’m beginning to see a pattern in my wanderings. By default, I’m seeking those creative spaces that tend to be located off-the-beaten-track, lacking the high street locations of commercial enterprises. I’m taking the time to investigate the story behind the gallery, workshop, museum or small café, which never fail to inspire me.

The full set of 47 images from my Tenby Flâneur can be found on my Flickr site.

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