Garage Doors

The diversity in design and manufacture of garage doors astounds me. The design, construction and materials employed is extensive. Some garage doors are cherished and well maintained, others are neglected and forlorn. There are those that have been constructed from dubious DIY designs with inappropriate materials; have seen better days and outlived their original purpose and are now sad and dilapidated.  My objective with this body of work is to provide a representation of this miscellany of garage doors inRead more

Mindful Photography

It’s an honour to present the work of eight charity volunteers who responded to my proposal of an on-line Mindful Photography event. I was invited by SPAN Arts of Narberth to propose an engaging on-line project to inspire a clutch of their volunteers. My proposal, and challenge, was to introduce the group to on-line Mindful Photography; to encourage them to create their own compilation of Mindful photographs and to share the outcome with their group and the wider audience throughRead more