Super Heroes

I now know why they are called Super Heroes. I was so impressed with the way in which all the characters interacted with the kids. It’s said that we “shouldn’t meet our heroes”, and many of the children were clearly overwhelmed with coming face-to-face with their Super Hero. But in each case, the Super Hero ensured that the child was comfortable and enjoyed the moment and engaged in an activity that they could relate to and enjoy and hold aRead more

Harbour Iron

My objective in producing this body of work is to celebrate the aesthetic quality of Burry Port’s maritime structures, to highlight the patina, the intricate design of the iron work and to signify their historic and heritage value. It is all too easy to walk pass the town’s history without noticing these edifices, assuming that they will always be there, but without knowing the future of our harbour. I consider the harbour to be the heart of Burry Port’s heritage.Read more