Environmental Portraits

The Environmental Portraits displayed here are portraits executed in the subject’s usual environment, such as in their home, leisure, or workplace, and typically defines the subject’s life, surroundings, and relationships. Management, administration, pharmacy and stores personnel at psychiatric hospital. Woman living on Zero Hours contract. Thais, a woman living with Dementia. Rosie; a woman living for her horse and dog. Sam; a Roman reenactor. Medieval reenactors. Gwili heritage railway, Carmarthen. Building Ysgol Parc Y Tywyn, Burry Port.Read more

Bringing Gower Home – Exhibition

I have admired and been inspired by Mel since I first met her at the Saith Gallery in Burry Port, created and run by Roz Moreton. Mel enthralled me with a description of her Bringing Gower Home project, which provided one-day photography workshops for up to 12 participants. It was a brilliant concept which was designed to be all-inclusive for people who may not usually have opportunities to visit the Gower and to produce photographs with the cameras provided. TheRead more

Mel and Scribblah’s Takeover of R&Z Fashions

In September 2015 I was invited to Mel and Scribblah’s occupation of the redundant R&Z Fashions store in Swansea’s High Street prior to redevelopment.  Mel stated that her objective in occupying the premises and creating and displaying art was ‘We inhabit this space to bridge the gap between gallery and studio; between artist and public…’ and ‘We are artists challenging ourselves to engage with the world through discovery and innovation’. The space that Mel and Rosie Scribblah created was amazing,Read more

The Dread Zone

The Dread Zone: another amazing presentation by the Volcano Theatre, Swansea. I previously blogged a dress rehearsal of Hamlet Machine in 2019 and was blown-away by the performance and the imaginative construction of the stage set by Bourdon Brindille. On this occasion the Bourdon Brindille stage set is even more outrageous and involving, and superbly constructed. The Dread Zone was conceived and directed by Paul Davies, as was the Hamlet Machine. Paul stated that The Dread Zone has a ‘startingRead more

Dame Nia Griffith MP

In 2015 I was granted permission to shadow-photograph MP Nia Griffith as she went about her Parliamentary duties and constituency visits. From the 5th until 31st August, I captured many of the engagements of this extraordinarily busy, committed, and energetic woman. It was an amazing opportunity to capture the working life of my MP. The finale of my project was an invitation to tour the Houses of Parliament and lunch on the terrace overlooking the Thames. A remarkable day, andRead more

Steam Fair

There was an excellent turn-out of exhibits at this year’s Steam Fair. It’s probably the best I’ve seen and maybe a response to the relaxation of the Covid restrictions. The care and attention that is lavished onto the historic steam engines is amazing, and we all owe a debt of gratitude to these remarkable people for valuing and maintaining our cultural history. And what’s even more astonishing is that some of the engines have been hand-built in sheds and workshops.Read more

Scarecrow Festival

It was interesting to see the variances in interpretation of the term ‘scarecrow’ for St. Mary’s Scarecrow Festival. Most of the exhibits looked far too friendly to scare any crows.  What impressed me the most was to consider the collaboration and cooperation in the design and execution of the production of each scarecrow. The design of each one had to be agreed on, the materials specified and sourced, and the skill set of each member had to be identified toRead more

Capitalism in the 21st Century #3 Zero Hours Contracts

At this point I’ve now had two of my proposals rejected by my tutor and I only have 10 days in which to submit my completed body of work and 3,000-word dissertation. TATA Steel and Tesco have both been declined, where to next? What encapsulates current corporate policy? What best describes the exploitation of the worker? Zero Hours Contracts! I was aware of a near neighbour, who is on a Zero Hours Contract and contacted her to enquire if sheRead more

Capitalism in the 21st Century – #2 Tesco, Fforestfach

Following the setback of the rejection of my TATA Steel proposal by my university tutor, I decided to consider an aspect of consumerism, and how it affects our behaviours. I commenced by looking at our 24-hour way of life, and the opportunity to buy anything, at any time.  I discovered a 24-hour gym in Fforestfach, Swansea and approached the manager to gain permission to photograph the users over a 24-hour period. I obtained consent, but I decided that the excessivelyRead more