Environmental Portraits

The Environmental Portraits displayed here are portraits executed in the subject’s usual environment, such as in their home, leisure, or workplace, and typically defines the subject’s life, surroundings, and relationships. Management, administration, pharmacy and stores personnel at psychiatric hospital. Woman living on Zero Hours contract. Thais, a woman living with Dementia. Rosie; a woman living for her horse and dog. Sam; a Roman reenactor. Medieval reenactors. Gwili heritage railway, Carmarthen. Building Ysgol Parc Y Tywyn, Burry Port.Read more

Bringing Gower Home – Exhibition

I have admired and been inspired by Mel since I first met her at the Saith Gallery in Burry Port, created and run by Roz Moreton. Mel enthralled me with a description of her Bringing Gower Home project, which provided one-day photography workshops for up to 12 participants. It was a brilliant concept which was designed to be all-inclusive for people who may not usually have opportunities to visit the Gower and to produce photographs with the cameras provided. TheRead more

Mel and Scribblah’s Takeover of R&Z Fashions

In September 2015 I was invited to Mel and Scribblah’s occupation of the redundant R&Z Fashions store in Swansea’s High Street prior to redevelopment.  Mel stated that her objective in occupying the premises and creating and displaying art was ‘We inhabit this space to bridge the gap between gallery and studio; between artist and public…’ and ‘We are artists challenging ourselves to engage with the world through discovery and innovation’. The space that Mel and Rosie Scribblah created was amazing,Read more