Documentary Photography Graduate show

    On Friday I attended the Documentary Photography Graduate show at the Capitol Shopping Centre in Cardiff. The show which was held in an unoccupied store, was packed with friends, families, fellow students and art lovers. At the door we were presented with an exhibition guide and a white box 10” x 8” with the title #RELAYPHOTO2016, the box contained PhotoCards from each of the 20 graduating students. These cards consisted of a sample exhibition photograph and descriptive text.Read more

Laura Wilson

  I had planned to write an essay on Laura Wilson, but the release of yet another amazing video by Ted Forbes, this time featuring Wilson, prompted me to bring forward my own appreciation of this amazing woman and photographer by featuring her book, The Hutterites of Montana. In her book, Wilson describes the Hutterites as people that operate ‘substantial farms’ upon which they all share the property and income. She says that the Hutterites are a ‘self-contained’ people thatRead more

Inspiration or Appropriation?

    Inspiration or appropriation ? I have been inspired by the work of Tina Modotti and in particular her Calla Lilies 1924, which gave me the idea to replicate her composition with my own interpretation of the arrangement of a plant. In addition, I have considered the work of Georgia O’Keeffe and Robert Mapplethorpe in my composition who have both produced very similar renditions, which has raised the question in my mind of who produced this style of imageRead more