Capitalism in the 21st Century #3 Zero Hours Contracts

At this point I’ve now had two of my proposals rejected by my tutor and I only have 10 days in which to submit my completed body of work and 3,000-word dissertation. TATA Steel and Tesco have both been declined, where to next? What encapsulates current corporate policy? What best describes the exploitation of the worker? Zero Hours Contracts! I was aware of a near neighbour, who is on a Zero Hours Contract and contacted her to enquire if sheRead more

Capitalism in the 21st Century – #2 Tesco, Fforestfach

Following the setback of the rejection of my TATA Steel proposal by my university tutor, I decided to consider an aspect of consumerism, and how it affects our behaviours. I commenced by looking at our 24-hour way of life, and the opportunity to buy anything, at any time.  I discovered a 24-hour gym in Fforestfach, Swansea and approached the manager to gain permission to photograph the users over a 24-hour period. I obtained consent, but I decided that the excessivelyRead more

Capitalism in the 21st Century #1 – TATA Steel

During my last year at university, us students were given an assignment to produce a body of work and 3,000 words on Capitalism in the 21st Century. Apart from being a challenging task, there were only three weeks to turn-in the work. There’s no escaping the imposing edifice of the TATA Steelworks in Port Talbot as you travel along the M4. The chimneys emit smoke into the atmosphere, which at times appear to be creating the dark rain clouds overheadRead more