‘… could the grass remember?’

I visited the amazing Toril Brancher photography exhibition ‘… could the grass remember?’at National Trust Dinefwr. (NT) All the images are beautifully printed. The blacks are ‘BLACK’! Each plant is picked-out in subtle, pale hues and draws you into the scene, enveloping you with calmness and serenity. There are two large, mounted photographs, approximately 80cm square (fig #1). I felt an immediate connection with these images and I could easily see them adorning my lounge wall, adding a sensation of tranquilityRead more


  In an attempt to ease a move to USW Cardiff to complete my Photography BA I am considering relocating to the Rhondda Valley north of Cardiff. My initial thought was to purchase a house in the valleys in need of some attention that I could add value to and resell on completion of my degree. I found an auction house in Tonypandy that needs some love and attention for just £8,000 so I made a trip on Sunday toRead more