In an attempt to ease a move to USW Cardiff to complete my Photography BA I am considering relocating to the Rhondda Valley north of Cardiff. My initial thought was to purchase a house in the valleys in need of some attention that I could add value to and resell on completion of my degree. I found an auction house in Tonypandy that needs some love and attention for just £8,000 so I made a trip on Sunday to check-it-out. The house certainly has potential and the view from the garden is breath-taking; an adjacent property has a rose covered front door; who could ask for anything more?

            The house is the last one on a hillside with the awe-inspiring Brecon Beacons beyond the garden with the tip of a wind generator in the next valley just visible. It got interesting when I started to look around the area adjacent to the property. There was a tethered horse that had wound its tether around a post and nearby bushes with just about one metre of freedom remaining to graze the surrounding grass and drink from a stream 4 metres away. I unwound the tether of this very friendly horse and took his photograph. On further exploration I discovered a steep sided ravine down to a car-strewn stream and trees festooned with discarded car tyres. Further up this intriguing track I discovered two further burnt-out cars.

            I decided that I should take a look at the town and I was pleased to note that I can purchase all my Christmas needs in July and that Paul Daniels can magically repair my TV and VCR, but probably more likely to be a spiritual repair now. A truly intriguing  and unforgetable day.

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    • raysfotos says:

      I agree, in a few years I believe all the currently abandoned and derelict buildings will be renovated and the area will receive a facelift. Some house in the street have already been very well renovated. The signs of vandalism need to be addressed though and a clean-up by the local authority.

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