Cardiff Castle Garrison

The class I’m in at the University of South Wales (USW) where I’m studying Documentary Photography has been tasked with creating individual bodies of work on the subject of ‘Communities’. As a group we have adopted the name Bauta to describe our project as we are documenting Role Play communities. We are diligently producing work for an exhibition scheduled for 16th December at the YMCA in Cardiff. For my group I have selected the Cardiff Castle Garrison; this group is aRead more

Kidwelly dragon

Kidwelly dragon The dragon that had set-up residency in Caerphilly castle has now settled in Kidwelly castle for a break on his way to Harlech Castle before winter hibernation. Rumour has it that he will be staying in Kidwelly Castle until 15th September before flying north to Harlech. The dragon (not sure if he has a name) appears to be reasonably friendly as, during my time in Kidwelly, appeared not to eat any small children, in fact the children seemedRead more

Narberth Flâneur

Narberth Flâneur I arranged to conduct my inaugural Flâneur in Narberth, Pembrokeshire by contacting the Mayor, Elizabeth Rogers to gain her support for my project. The term Flâneur describes a ‘stroller’ of 19th century France, an ‘urban explorer’ or ‘connoisseur of the street’; applied to a photographer it’s similar to a street photographer who has no particular purpose or objective and spends several hours exploring and recording the sights and events of a town or city. I spent five enjoyableRead more

Tin Shed

    Last night I visited the Tin Shed in Laugharne. It is the 5th anniversary of the Shed which is a 1940s based museum that also hosts events and entertainment. On Friday night Antony Penrose gave a talk about his mother the internationally acclaimed photographer, Lee Miller The atmosphere in the Shed was amazing; the seating was straw bales with a Welsh blanket covering under a corrugated steel roof. The barn-like structure was cosily lit and included an ancientRead more


I am confused. I am very confused. I believe in the copyright of photographs, but I’m confused by the inconsistency of museums and galleries. I visited the Paul Strand exhibition at the V&A in May and was horrified when an overzealous guard rushed up to a diminutive visitor standing next to me to berate her about taking a photograph with her iPhone and stood over her whilst she expunged the image from her ‘phone. Later that same day I wasRead more