Kidwelly dragon

Kidwelly dragon

The dragon that had set-up residency in Caerphilly castle has now settled in Kidwelly castle for a break on his way to Harlech Castle before winter hibernation. Rumour has it that he will be staying in Kidwelly Castle until 15th September before flying north to Harlech.

The dragon (not sure if he has a name) appears to be reasonably friendly as, during my time in Kidwelly, appeared not to eat any small children, in fact the children seemed very comfortable in his presence and enjoyed his fiery breath, which appeared as a cloud of thick smoke that engulfed the castle interior. The dragon’s eyes seemed to follow me around as I wandered around him considering how best to take my photographs without incurring his wrath.

The dragon’s arrival in Caerphilly had been captured on video and shows his aerial dexterity and adeptness in negotiating the castle battlements.

It’s rumoured that the dragon will take-flight again in the spring; we’ll just have to wait and see where he next sets-up home in Wales.

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