Capitalism in the 21st Century – #2 Tesco, Fforestfach

Following the setback of the rejection of my TATA Steel proposal by my university tutor, I decided to consider an aspect of consumerism, and how it affects our behaviours. I commenced by looking at our 24-hour way of life, and the opportunity to buy anything, at any time.  I discovered a 24-hour gym in Fforestfach, Swansea and approached the manager to gain permission to photograph the users over a 24-hour period. I obtained consent, but I decided that the excessively loud music blaring away for 24-hours would be too challenging for me and declined his kind offer.  

Adjacent to the gym is a 24-hour Tesco, which I considered might make a suitable candidate and again approached the manager for permission to set-up camp in the car park to photograph the comings-and-goings of customers’ cars over a 24-hour period.

I positioned my Range Rover at the end of a parking isle and set up my camera on a tripod so that I could simply open the rear door to take a photo every hour, on the hour over the 24-hour period. I purchased a simple kitchen timer and set it to ring after 60-minutes.

Camping-out at Tesco had the added advantage of easy access to hot meals, drinks, and a toilet throughout the day.

It was a struggle! Being woken by the incessant alarm all through the night and early hours of the morning was a lot more arduous than I had imagined. But I managed it and was reasonably content with my effort.

I prepared a set of images for my tutor and presented my proposal. My second pitch was rejected! Back to the drawing board again.

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