Portrait Lighting Workshop

I recently attended an excellent studio lighting workshop at Margam Country Park in Port Talbot, which was  organised by Carmarthen Cameras.

We had two excellent models: Tegan and John. They were both so patient with us 12 photographers who were, in the majority, totally inexperienced in the proficiencies of lighting and directing a model. Fortunately, we had an excellent coach in the form of Tommy Reynolds and two wonderful, professional models who made our day possible and pleasurable.

I found the venue a little obvious and boring. I would have preferred a more challenging, interesting, and thought-provoking location like a TATA Steel workshop or warehouse, which would have been kinder to the models as I’m sure it would have been warmer and drier for them.

I met some very interesting photographers during the day, and we had some very stimulating conversations about what makes an interesting landscape and the ‘gaze’ of portrait photography.

I am very grateful to Tommy Reynolds for giving us some essential tips on setting-up lights for portrait shoots. He suggested that lighting should be set-up one lamp at a time, which upon reflections sounds obvious, but I’m sure I would have struggled to try to set-up all three lamps at the same time, so I’m very grateful to Tommy for his advice.

Despite the cold and rain it was an excellent day, and it confirmed my desire to continue with available light whilst pursuing my Environmental Portraits and project portfolio, rather than investing in studio lighting.

It was good to get to know Tegan and John during the day, and I’m very pleased to have made their acquaintance.

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