Our ‘Communities’ Exhibition



It was a full-on and exhausting day for all of us, but so rewarding and I am delighted to be part of this group; we all helped, encouraged and supported each other. Each of us produced a unique display for our photographs; for example, Anna manufactured a light-box with acetate images of her subjects, a group of actors and Philip created a light-tight, tent-like enclosure to display photos of his role-play characters. We all chose an induvial approach to present our images to best effect.

All our installations were completed 20 minutes before opening time, so we had some sit-down-and-relax time, but then; we started to wonder – “What if nobody turns up?” we didn’t have long to wait to find out. Much to our relief, at dead-on 6 o’clock, there commenced a steady stream of visitors and fellow students; impossible to estimate how many, but all of us were kept busy answering questions and discussing our work from 6pm until closing time at 9pm.

I was so pleased to see Miriam from the Cardiff Castle Garrison in full costume at our exhibition, it gave a lot of context to my photography display. During the evening, several more Garrison members also attended our show.  It was very rewarding to see that our exhibition had generated an interest in the Garrison; Miriam advised that she had received interests from two visitors to join the Garrison group and she’d been introduced to The Costume and Textile Society of Wales; hitherto unknown to her.

At one point, I could hear clattering coming down the aisle towards the stage and immediately knew it was Sam from the Cardiff Castle Garrison fulfilling his promise to attend the exhibition in full war-fighting armour. He added such a presence to the show and he was immediately a ‘hit’ with everyone. All the kids loved him (especially the ‘big’ ones), everyone wanted to know about his gambeson (protective under garment), armour and especially his sword.

I produced a ‘this way’ poster to guide our invited guests to the exhibition and as an invitation to the residents of the YMCA hostel to investigate this imposition on their centre and I was very pleased to note that several people from the hostel had ventured into our show to check-us-out. One of our objectives in selecting the YMCA theatre was to continue the ‘Communities’ theme of our assignment and for it to be open to all communities.


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