To save an old school



To save an old school

I am a founder member of a group to save the Old Copperworks School in Burry Port from demolition by the Town Council. Our objective is to bring this iconic building back into public use. The Old Copperworks School is one of the last remaining examples of the wonderful Industrial, Maritime & Cultural Heritage buildings of Burry Port. Industrialist George Elkington built the School for his employees’ children in 1855.

Our group, ROCS (Regenerate Our Copperworks School), has been granted a period of time to develop a plan, a proposal of intent, to achieve our aims. To do this we are required to demonstrate that there is a clear need and requirement by the community of Burry Port and Pembrey to preserve and utilise the Copperworks School. To this end we have conducted a survey of the townspeople and visitors and are now engaged in a questionnaire to enable everyone to have their say, which will facilitate a detailed presentation to the Town Council.

Our aims are largely arts-based activities, but as a photographer I can envision major photographic shows, exhibitions and national photo competitions and a photography centre for West Wales to compete with Swansea and Cardiff. I’d like to offer photography course to enable local people to enjoy their cameras and to show them the creative possibilities available when ‘Automatic’ is abandoned.

The spaces available within this amazing, naturally lit, structure offer opportunities for galleries, workshops and café. Additionally there is outside space for sculptures and other art.

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  1. raysfotos says:

    Burry Port town council has rejected our proposal to obtain funding to return this industrial heritage building to community use, instead they’ve chosen to demolish this iconic structure.

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