Art of Caring

Art of Caring

I have been advised that all four of my submitted images have been accepted into the  Art of Caring exhibition. The exhibition will be at The Rose Theatre, Kingston, from the 12th-24th May for International Nurses Day 2016.

The inspiration for my two sets of images is from research for two University-set assignments. The inspiration for ‘Adam’ was from an amazing photo of Ernest Hemingway by Yousuf Karsh. I felt that Karsh had captured the essence of Hemingway. The positioning of the lights emphasizes the very fine detail in Hemingway’s knitwear and shows us a rugged, reflective man. His hairline is gently picked-out and provides sufficient contrast with the dark background. To quote the words of Karsh when describing Hemingway: “…a man of peculiar gentleness, the shyest man I ever photographed – a man cruelly battered by life, but seemingly invincible.” These are the attributes that I wanted to capture in Adam.

The photographs of Thais were my interpretation of a Sense of Place, another Uni-set assignment. My objective was to show that our personal Sense of Place is not necessarily conditioned by our circumstances, that regardless of a person’s medical condition or confinement we, as a species, are able to transport ourselves to a different time and place, perhaps with long-passed family members in happier times. In our Sense of Place we can recreate any place or time in our mind. We can hold on to memories and precious mementoes.

To help with my research I contacted internationally respected American Photographer,  Patricia Lay-Dorsey whose work I had seen at Diffusion. Lay-Dorsey was very gracious and wrote me a very encouraging email in response to my enquiry and was kind enough to critique my work before I submitted it to my tutor.

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