Art of Caring

Sense of Place_00002_

I’ve submitted a set of images for inclusion in an Art of Caring exhibition for International Nurses Day 2016.

The name of my photoset is ‘Thais’. With this set of images I wanted to record and celebrate mankind’s resilience to overcome any adversity. Thais lives in a care home and is bounded by her wheelchair and is restricted by her conditions of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Despite her predicament she is determined not to be constrained by her circumstances. Whatever life has thrown at her, Thais bounces back and has the toughness to fight-on and enjoy her life.

Thais takes great pride in her appearance and spends a great deal of time and energy perfecting her makeup and selecting her clothes to retain the image of her youth. Her condition may physically bind her, but in her mind she can still converse with long-lost family members.

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