Pinhole Photography

Pinhole - Slated Seat 1
Slated seat at Coleg Sir Gar, Carmarthen

As part of the Photography BA course we are required to manufacture a Pinhole camera and create a portfolio of images. I have made two Pinhole cameras; one from a cardboard tube and a yoghurt pot and one from a file transfer case and CD rack.

My work with Pinhole photography gave me a healthy respect for those photographers who have created some amazing works of art from very simple and humble ‘cameras’ and showed photography in its simplest of forms i.e. the exposure of light sensitive paper to light. The task also once again highlighted the fact that I seem to delight in making life more difficult for myself in trying to design a complex camera that I was unable to exclude light from.

There is a great sense of satisfaction from creating a ‘light (tight) box’ and then actually producing an acceptable image from my own work, the quality of the image is not of great significance; it’s that sense of achievement of having produced “All my own work”.

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