The Dread Zone

The Dread Zone: another amazing presentation by the Volcano Theatre, Swansea. I previously blogged a dress rehearsal of Hamlet Machine in 2019 and was blown-away by the performance and the imaginative construction of the stage set by Bourdon Brindille. On this occasion the Bourdon Brindille stage set is even more outrageous and involving, and superbly constructed.

The Dread Zone was conceived and directed by Paul Davies, as was the Hamlet Machine. Paul stated that The Dread Zone has a ‘starting point’ in the French theatre known as the Grand Guignol, which ran in Paris from the late 19thcentury until the early 20th century and ‘specialised in horror’. Paul then takes inspiration from the Twilight Zone to explore the themes of ‘paranoia, neurosis and the power of the State’. The actors were word-perfect, engaging, involving, and very fit. An outstanding performance.

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