I’ve been looking for a long while for a genuine artisan blacksmith who works out of an authentic forge and has a genuine passion for the art of blacksmithing. Through research and recommendation, I discovered David Harland who has a wonderful atmospheric forge in an old cow shed in Porthyrhyd, Carmarthenshire.

David had purposefully delayed lighting the forge until I arrived to enable me to witness the ethereal pall of smoke that emanated from the cowling with the sunlight producing striking light and dark clouds of fumes.  

David values the ancient art of blacksmithing and is eager to share his passion for the art with his Blacksmithing Experience Days. This reminds me of my school days, where at my school in Godalming we had a forge, and I can remember crafting a poker for my mother to tend the fire, which was the only source of heating our house.

David is very reverential towards blacksmithing and describes the art as a form of magic, creating amazing tactile structures from flat pieces of iron.

I had a great time with David, being introduced to the art of blacksmithing, we talked about the history and traditions of blacksmithing and the importance of maintaining all country crafts.

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  1. Roz Moreton says:

    These are just wonderful images – you really get a sense of the craft and workmanship there photography is just so atmospheric

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