Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

I was invited to photo-document a Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival at Gigi Gao’s Favourite Authentic Chinese Restaurant in Swansea Marina. The event was organised for senior citizens by the Chinese in Wales Association (CIWA) in Swansea who had been self-isolating during Covid-19 and unable to socialise with friends. CIWA organise programmes to improve ethnic Chinese residents’ wellbeing especially the most vulnerable people. The performance was was provided by a group of dedicated  volunteers from the community and the delicious vegetarian meal was fully sponsored by the amazing Ms. Gigi Gao. 

The Chinese Umbrella dance is inspired by the film Chrysanthemum Terrace and performed by a group of dancers in national costume and accompanied by a recording of the soundtrack from the movie. This is sung by the famous Taiwanese singer Jay Chou. The song is a tale of the women waiting for their menfolk returning from war.

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