Fluellen Theatre Company, Swansea

Continuing my quest to gain some photo skills in the film and theatre industry I contacted the Fluellen Theatre Company director to request an opportunity to photo-document a dress rehearsal.

The performance was based on the Dylan Thomas’‘A child’s Christmas in Wales’.

The whole evening was an amazing experience; the entire troupe was so professional and committed to the performances, and yet it was evident how much they were enjoying themselves. I tried to stay professional and detached, concentrating on the task at hand, but I was still felt like a member of the audience enjoying the performances. “I must stay focussed”.

All the performers were so gracious to permit me to intrude on their rehearsal and I am so grateful for their patience and cooperation.

The Fluellen Theatre Company has been producing classical theatre in Wales since 2000, with the first production being Macbeth. They are one of the most prolific and consistent producers in Wales, with over 50 major productions of plays by Shakespeare, John Webster, Chekhov, Pinter, Brecht, Sophocles, Dylan Thomas and George Elliot.  The Fluellen Theatre Company is based in Swansea, all new productions premier at the Swansea Grand Theatre before often touring all over the country.

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