Roz and I have been on another trip; this time we travelled to Ludlow via Hay-on-Wye. From our home it’s a lovely route over the Brecon Beacons to Hay. We spent a few hours investigating the streets and amazing bookshops of Hay, had a disappointing curry lunch at a corner café but later a lovely hot chocolate in a very cozy pub before moving onto Ludlow.

In Ludlow we stayed at an amazing tranquil farmhouse in a little hamlet called Bromfield, which is way off the beaten track. We occupied the whole of the top floor of this magnificent beamed house. Our dogs were welcomed and quickly settled-in with the charming resident Jack Russell. Nina and Peter were most warm and welcoming hosts to their charming, historic house.

The area around Bromfield is populated with beautiful old oak trees that stand resplendent in the middle of vast fields and woodlands.

Roz was on the search for a vintage wedding dress for our forthcoming nuptials and visited a very interesting and well-stocked antique emporium in Ludlow called ‘55, Mill Street’. We had a great hot chocolate in a petit café with just one table, we did however manage to get a table on the pavement adjacent to the market until the heavens opened and we adjourned to the car for shelter.

On returning to the B&B the sky became very overcast and the rain came down in torrents. The darkened skies produced a very eerie light and the lone, dead tree through our window resembled an old moody black & white movie, which I attempted to capture with my camera. Later, that same evening, the sun reappeared and produced an amazing sunset; once again the lone tree became a subject for my photography.

We continued our trip with a visit to Welshpool, a town that I’d like to ‘Flâneur’ at some time. Here, Roz resumed her search for an antique wedding dress and after several hours in an amazing emporium called Ashman Antiques she found a blue velvet evening dress from the 1930’s, which she said delighted her.

We’ve just got to find a venue and make the wedding arrangements.

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